Friday, December 13, 2013

The Importance of Responsive Design

     So you have decided to create a website for your business. What are the most important components to a great website? Okay, well good content is one, a mission statement is another, but most of all, your main priority should rest on an optimal responsive design. In simple terms, when a potential customer lands on your website, whether it be from their desktop computer or in today's world, their mobile or smartphone being a user's number one form of browsing, all aspects of the website should be easy to access and navigate through with minimal effort.

     How is this done you ask? With companies like CyberChimps, they have created tools that make it easy for you, the business owner, to design and customize a website within minutes, while they take care of the background work of making that site 'look pretty' from any device (ie. your photographs, content, graphs, titles, etc.) How simple is that?! The greatest part is this responsive theme is absolutely FREE---and not many things are truly free these days.

It is a fact that almost anyone will leave a website within 10 seconds if they cannot browse easily through your website or have to wait for items to load. Badly-designed navigation is one of the few truly mortal sins that you can commit as a web professional. Navigation needs to be intuitive, descriptive and straightforward.

So think of CyberChimps like this: your right-hand man or assistant that completes all the dirty work of designing a website for you, so you may carry on stress-free and focus on the important things--like money makin'.

Whether you have already made a website or are contemplating creating one, I highly urge all of you to visit and read the complete list of benefits that CyberChimps offers to your business!


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